Data Description

262 confocal images from 32 patients and 81 different bioptic sites were acquired at the European Oncological Institute (IEO, Milan, Italy) and Veneto Institute of Oncology (IOV, Padova, Italy) during routine clinical surveillance endoscopy in patients with BE, using a confocal laser endoscope (EC-3870CIFK; Pentax, Tokyo, Japan), enabling simultaneous videoendoscopy and endomicroscopy.

Confocal images were obtained after injection of 10% fluorescein sodium. Images were collected at a scan rate of 0.8 frames per second (1024 x 1024 pixels corresponding to 500 x 500 µm) using an optical slice thickness of 7 µm and digitally stored. After CLE evaluation, matched mucosal specimen were obtained at each imaging site and stored in different container.

The imaging data were reviewed and 1-5 good quality images were stored for each bioptic site.

Each image is classified according to the has histologically outcome as showing gastric metaplasia (GMP), intestinal metaplasia or proper Barrett's esophagus (BAR), or neplasia (NPL).

Each file in the training set is named as diagnosis_site_number, where:

  • diagnosis: can be GMP (gastric metaplasia), BAR (intestinal metaplasia), NPL (neoplastic mucosa)
  • site: the unique code identifying a patient and imaging site 
  • number: is a consecutive code number for the images


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